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Refund Policy

  • The fees charged by the Building Department, pursuant to their schedule of fees, provided the same are for a permit required by Section 105.1 of the Florida Building Code, may be refunded by the Building Official with the following exceptions: (a) No refunds shall be made on requests involving: (1) permits fees of $125.00 or less; or (2) permits revoked by the City Manager or the Building Official under authority granted by the Florida Building Code, or permits cancelled by Court Order, or conditional permits; or (3) permits which have expired; or (4) permits under which work has commenced as evidenced by recorded inspection having been made by the Building Department; or (5) no refunds shall be made on a permit when a change of contractor is requested. (b) A full refund less $125.00 or 50% of the permit fee, whichever is greater, rounded to the nearest dollar, shall be granted to a permit holder who requests a refund provided that: (1) The Building Department receives an original and hardcopy written request from the permit holder prior to the permit expiration date; (2) The permit holder submits with such request the Applicant’s validated copy of such permit; and (3) That no work has commenced under such permit as supported by any recorded inspection and/or field inspection.
  • The Fees charged by the Planning and Zoning Department for Short-Term Vacation Rental Licenses, pursuant to Ordinance 2018-522 Section 217-19 are non-refundable.